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Our college was established with the goal of rendering quality education and training to the people of India and the world. The Academy has since its inception built a formidable name in the fields of nursing. With an experienced faculty member, the institution is a door to all those who aspire for a bright future in the fields of nursing. Nursing industry is booming and there's a definite demand for more and more nurses around the world. Many Indians are waking up to the fact that there's a bright future waiting to be explored. The Academy has since its inception built a formidable name in the fields of nursing. With an experienced faculty members, the institution is a door to all those who aspire for a bright future in the fields.


Surya School & College of Nursing was established in 2002 by it's Chairman B M Muniraj in order to improve the standards of nursing education in the coutnry .
An exciting educational experience, where the best mix of clinical training, nursing etiquette and theoretical grounding is achieved to prepare you for new age nursing careers

Our Core Values

At Surya School and College of Nursing, we are committed to producing lifelong learners who will
excel in their nursing careers and be recognized as leaders who keep the health.


Surya Scool & College of Nursing , started in 2002 at Bangalore. It is one of the constituent units of the Sri Balaji Educational Trust (R.) Bangalore.
This college started with the objectives of training the students to become competent nurses for first level positions in nursing, to provide quality care in hospitals and to community and thereby contributing to health care of our nation. The college has the permission from Government of Karnataka, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka Nursing Council and Indian Nursing council New Delhi.
The college is equipped with Biochemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Fundamentals of Nursing Lab, Pediatric Lab, Midwifery Lab, Nutrition Lab, Computer Lab, Community health Lab, Anatomy Lab, Counseling Room, A.V.aids Lab & a Departmental Library. Which has a very vast collection of reference books and journals of both Indian and Foreign ,Online Journals are available through Helinet and audio- video material also available to the students. Hostel facilities with modern amenities like South Indian, North Indian and Continental foods are available to our student on the campus. The atmosphere in the college is very congenial for professional growth


  Philosophy of Human Life

Each person is a unique being worthy of respect, with a personal history, intrinsic value, and a right to influence her/his destiny. Humans are integrated beings consisting of biological, psychosocial, cognitive, and spiritual aspects. Each individual is a part of the culture of her/his family, other groups, communities, and the larger society. Human beings share certain common characteristics, are interdependent, and have a need for social interaction.

  Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing is a systematic, deliberate caring process with individuals, families, and communities in promoting health, reducing risk, preventing disease, managing illness, and supporting clients in all phases of living and dying. This process is based on a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that incorporate the professional values of caring, respect, and a commitment to social justice. Inherent in this process are support for the dignity of the individual, advocacy for one’s right to self-determine care, and recognition of the uniqueness of each person as an individual, a family member, and a member of society. Nursing is practiced independently and collaboratively in the context of organizations and communities.

  Philosophy of Education

Education is a life-long process, encompassing intellectual and life experiences that affect personal development. This process is best achieved in a milieu that recognizes the worth of the individual and fosters mutual inquiry. University education promotes intellectual development, assists the individual in finding a way of life that is consistent with fulfillment of one’s own needs, and enhances one’s ability to serve society. It provides individuals with a broad knowledge base and skills to think critically, communicate effectively, develop self-understanding, and adapt to and institute change. Professional education builds on this general educational base and provides individuals with a specialized body of knowledge and expertise. (2015)

Facilitate high quality practical knowledge in all branches of nursing with superior demonstration

“ To establish as a premier institution imparting quality nursing education that effectively combines high academic exposure.”

The mission is to provide quality innovative, education programs to a diverse student body, to participate in research and scholarly activities.


The institute prepare students for the "A" Grade certificate examination in "Nursing and Midwifery conducted by the karnataka State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board, Bangalore"

To develop skill in reorganizing and interpreting intellingently the physical, mental and emotional manifstations of illness and be able to plan indivisual nursing care to patients based on their unique needs.

To Help the students to work in mutual co-operation with medical and paramedical personnel and participate in various programmes for prevention of diseases and the promotion of health in the community.

To help students to integrate the priciples of mental hygiene and ethical and moral code involved in the practice of nursing

To stimulate a desire for further study in the advanced fields of the nursing profession.

To develop vast and wide kind feeling to help the sick and poor people irrespective of caste, creed and colour